Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex (CIRDC)

What we know:

The disease, CIRDC, Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex has become a concern in several parts of the country. It is an umbrella term for many pathogens. Certain states have had more severe cases than others. Some states have isolated particular pathogens, whereas, in other states, they remain unknown despite extensive testing.

The symptoms include coughing, fever, lethargy, decreased appetite, labored breathing, and discharge from the eyes or nose.

Always monitor your dogs for signs of illness. If you notice coughing, it is best to have them evaluated to determine if the signs are consistent with CIRD and rule out other causes such as cardiac disease, pneumonia, etc.

Avoid highly populated areas with exposure to other dogs. If your dog is sick, it is important to isolate them from others to avoid further exposure.

If you suspect your dog may have it, talk to your veterinarian to have them evaluated. If you are concerned about respiratory difficulty, progressive cough, or other signs of illness when we are closed, please go to your nearest emergency or urgent care facility.

Typically, for dogs with CIRD, the illness is self-limiting and does not require treatment; however, if symptoms progress to a more serious case dogs may require hospitalization.

There is no specific vaccine for CIRD. However, it is best to be up to date with the flu vaccine and kennel cough (Bordetella).  Bordetella is one of the pathogens that is under the umbrella term for Kennel Cough/CIRD.

This is a contagious disease among dogs. At this time, it is not transmissible to humans.

Courtesy of Dr. Meghan Vaught, DVM, DAVECC. MVMC, Maine.

Pet Anal Gland Removal

Anal gland removal is a surgical procedure to relieve discomfort in pets by removing anal glands, improving their well-being, and preventing potential complications.

anal gland removal

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Benefits of Pet Anal Gland Removal

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2. Preventing Infections: Untreated anal gland issues can lead to infections. Our removal procedure reduces the risk of infections, ensuring your pet’s long-term health.

3. Improved Behavior: A pet in pain may exhibit behavioral changes such as aggression or anxiety. With the removal of anal glands, your pet is likely to return to their usual, happy self.

4. Enhanced Bond: A pain-free pet is a more affectionate one. By addressing anal gland problems, you’ll strengthen the bond you share with your furry friend.

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